Le FiancéInvisible


Art Direction (photos/video) and Interview: Julie PsaïlaPhotographer: Dirk MaiTalent: Marta PozzanCreative Direction: Dalit Gwenna BranchStylist: Donna LisaMakeup: Jennifer BudnerHair: Eddie CookProduction: Whitehorse Agency


Los Angeles



Factice: Ciao Bella Marta. It was not your first collaboration with Factice, we finally have an opportunity to converse. How would you like to be introduced to our readers? As an influencer, a model, an actress, or an artist? Marta Pozzan: Ciaoooo!!! I’m so happy we’re doing this together. I love that you ask me this!! I am a model, an actress, a content creator and a mental health advocate; so pretty much everything you just mentioned! I firmly believe in multitasking and I think I’m pretty good at it :)
You are Italian and you live in Los Angeles. Why did you leave your country for this city? Since I was a teenager, I’ve always wanted to live in the United States, dreaming especially of California. I’ve always felt there was such a strong sense of freedom and ability to do anything you want in the United States. That's why I wanted live there. When I was a kid I would also watch American TV series and really immerse myself in that reality. I've always felt a little American, if that makes sense. And here we go years later. When I was 22 I moved to California and that was for good.
How do you distinguish yourself from other influencers? How could you describe Marta’s Touch? What I’ve been trying to do is to make things my own, meaning that when there's a trend or an item that everybody's wearing, I will wear that differently and try to create a different trend on the existing one, to make it unique and mine. I also feel like I actually wear certain outfits in a different way than most of the girls out there. Just because I have a different view on how you know the female body should be perceived. To me it's less about the look and the outfit but more about the feeling that you get from something visually.
What’s your biggest accomplishment? There're so many things I did and projects I’ve worked on that I’m very proud. But I think the biggest accomplishment was to come out here to LA and to decide to follow my dreams and to do exactly what I’ve been wanting to do.
What does your professional success bring into your private life? I definitely think I'm way more confident with myself and others, thanks to all the things I've accomplished so far professionally, so I would say self-confidence and stability are two of the things that my professional life brings to my private life.
Professionally, Is there something you fear? What I fear is the lack of understanding in people and sometimes the lack of humanity … It really makes me sad. And I would say it's more than I fear, it's an actual realization.
What “Girls Boss” inspires you? Adwoa Aboah inspires me so much because she's not only one of most beautiful humans in this planet but also a beautiful soul, and she does so much good for her following and her people.
What advice would you give to a woman who wants to launch her own business? I would say doing the research is necessary and also trying to see what everybody else is doing in a very constructive way is important, and if you have an idea that you think is strong and good just stick to it.
How do you see your 2020 year to be? What are your plans? I want to work on more quality content and less quantity, and I also want to write stories that I've been wanting to tell and make more movies. I feel like 2020 for me is going to be a year of growth in terms of personal development and as an artist as well.

This collaboration between us on “Le Fiancé Invisible” – editorial and fashion film – was very important to us. When we think of "Marta Pozzan” we think about power and freedom. It’s your boss lady side that inspired us immediately. "Le Fiancé invisible” Well, it's a story of a passionate woman who is desperately looking for her big love until she understands she doesn't need anyone else. She's strong and independent, she's self-sufficient . Is this vision also yours ? What do you think? What’s your own vision for this project? I love that you thought of me for this because I feel that it represents me so well. I’ve always felt very strong and independent and it's been helpful with my career and life in general, and being self-sufficient, I think, is one of the most important things cause in case of emergency you know you can count on yourself but of course I love friendship and companionship.
So, we have the burning question: Did you find love? So I haven’t found love for one person in life in that traditional romantic way but I have so much love inside of me for everything that I do, for my job, for art, fashion, for my friends and for the magic, we, as humans can make it happen. So let's say, I have a way more global and universal sense of love in me.
What are your views about relationships & love? I believe that first, we are supposed to work on our relationship with ourselves, and then, when we feel happy and beautiful, if we have enough good energy to get others, we can focus on creating relationships and especially romantic ones.
Do you think we do need a man or a woman to succeed in life? I personally get inspired by people and so I believe that to succeed we have to have some role models and some people that can guide us and give us light but I don’t think it has to necessarily come from a romantic relationship, it can be anybody in our life.
You travel a lot, do you believe in long distance relationships? I don't believe in long distance relationships because of I believe being in love with someone includes wanting to spend time with that person, touching that person, and if you can’t do that often enough then the relationship is not going to work ultimately. But I do believe in creating really strong bonds over time, and also with physical distance because sometimes you don't need to be in the same place to share certain feelings and emotions.And, what about love Italian style? I think love should be unapologetic and passionate and if that's how it's perceived in Italy then I'm all about it!
Finally, our most beautiful relationship is the one with ourselves? Yes, always and forever. I’m such a harsh critic of myself but I'm also very responsible for my own self and I try my best to be as good to me first as to other people too.
What makes you proud of yourself? What makes me proud is that I don't take things for granted, I work very hard for everything that I have, I try to be a smart girl, I always question things and I dig deep into things; I make it a point to try to be as good of a human as I can.
What would you like to tell to our readers to end this interview? I would like to say that if they are in romantic relationships or for all their very important relationships, they should always remember who they are before anything else, aside from what the others think, and to listen to their inner voice because most of the times it tells the truth.